Becoming an In-Facility Test Center

Becoming an In-Facility Test Center

If you provide training and course work for NNAAP® certification we’ll support you in hosting test events as an In-Facility Test Center (INF), helping your students attain certification and transition into their new career.

Eligibility and Responsibilities

In-Facility Test Centers are locations available for delivering both the NNAAP® written and skills exam to students who have successfully completed a training program offered by that facility. It is important sites understand expectations for being an In-Facility site, so please view the Responsibilities document that outlines the testing day expectations.

In-Facility testing is a privilege whereby a state-approved Training Program is allowed to have their students complete the NNAAP® test at the training facility. These sites must be licensed by the state to deliver the training program in order to be eligible to become a test site.

Please view the Equipment List for Skills testing to understand expectations for site configuration and equipment requirements. The equipment must be provided by the site and will be a determining factor in a final decision. If you are able to meet this requirement, complete the on line request application, which will ask questions about the configuration of the site. Any missing or incomplete information will delay the application process.

You will receive verification that your request has been received within 5 business days of receipt of your application.

The decision to proceed with your application will be made within 30-45 days of receipt of your application. The decision will be based on a number of factors whether or not to approve a Training Program as a NNAAP® In-Facility Test Center and is at the discretion of Credentia.

A teacher directing a class

Once you have been approved as an In-Facility Test Center, Credentia will contact you to arrange training for your staff to request test dates via our online system.

Please submit your application to us at least sixty (60) days prior to your first desired test date.

IMPORTANT: Test events must meet your state required minimum for the number of skills candidates registered, as well as the state’s specific lead time for scheduling (which varies by state). Based on your specific state requirements, your event will be cancelled if a minimum number of candidates are not registered before the scheduling deadline.