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Test Centers


Become a Test Center

Promote the future of nursing professionals
and foster meaningful transformation within
your community.

Why Become a Test Center


Provide Access To Success

The future generation of nursing professionals in your region relies on the availability of secure, hygienic, and well-equipped testing centers as a vital stepping stone toward their careers. By offering a conducive setting for certification examinations, you will address a crucial demand, serving students, faculty, and the broader community. All stakeholders depend on meeting the increasing requirement for healthcare professionals at every tier.


Attracting Healthcare Professionals 

Nurse aides play a crucial role in supplying the nursing profession with entry-level professionals who will go on to fill various advanced nursing and healthcare roles in the future. Organizing nurse aide exams will enable you to establish awareness and cultivate relationships with these emerging professionals, thereby bolstering your long-term growth and community healthcare objectives.

Choosing the Right
Test Center Type


Facilities Providing Nurse-Aide Training

If you offer NNAAP® certification training and coursework, we are committed to assisting you in hosting test events as an In-Facility Test Center (INF). This collaboration will facilitate your students in achieving certification and smoothly transitioning into their chosen career paths.

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Educational and Community Facilities

Hosting NNAAP® certification test events presents an excellent opportunity to expand your facility's mission of serving and supporting the local community and its residents. By becoming a Regional Test Site (RTS) that hosts public events, you can further enhance your commitment to community engagement and support.

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